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Why Dogs are the Best Pets Ever

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Dogs are called “man’s best friends” because of their loyalty, intelligence and affection.  They are also very sociable that they love to be with their owners and even with other people.  Aside from these characteristics, they help improve your physical and mental health.

Below are the reasons that make dogs the best pets.

Dogs can serve as your alarm.

Notice that once a dog sees someone not familiar to him, he barks until he gets your attention.

Dogs are great bodyguards.

Dogs sometimes can read people better than you.  They can see, feel and smell imminent danger and just a word from you, dogs can attack any person who would hurt you without hesitation.

They know how to reciprocate the love you show them.

It’s been said that canines repay the love you give them tenfold.  Even in danger, dogs will risk their lives for you.  And unlike human friends, they will not keep you hanging.  They will keep you company until their last breath.…

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How to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

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Learning is a lifetime process.  This is not only true to humans but animals as well.  Your pet may have aged but it is not a factor that will impede their ability to learn.  You just have to know the appropriate tricks that you should teach them because of their already limited physical capability.  The challenge is on how to conduct the training.

Your approach should be rewards training.  This is an effective way of teaching your old dog learn positive behaviors.  In this kind of workout, two important tools are needed, your dog treats and the trainer’s patience.  Make sure that the treat you prepare is something your dog goes crazy over.  Also, your patience must be in large quantity to make sure you complete the training successfully.

Jumpstart your old dog’s training with something easy like shake, sit, or lay down.  Later, if you want to teach him to jump over something, be sure that it’s low enough since some dogs suffer from joint and arthritis issues because of their age.

Before considering training your old pooch, you should first get professional diagnoses.  Having knowledge about your dog’s physical and mental condition will help you assess what tricks are appropriate for him.…